Introduction To The Roadmap

Our changing climate is a hot topic now, and discussion is now shifting from a debate about whether there’s a problem, to what we’re going to do about it. Over the last 10 years, our world has witnessed strong acceleration and growth across a wide range of technologies and financing mechanisms, many of which put us on the road towards resolving climate change. As we continue along this metaphorical road, it’s best to have a clear destination in sight, as well as the shortest possible route to get there. To succeed, must design a roadmap that lays out our capabilities as a society using available resources, as well as what we foresee with new resources coming online. With this vision, we’ve developed The Climate Roadmap.



Did you know that wind generation has been growing at over 25% per year for the last six years? It provides 4% of our country’s electricity now. If we maintain that growth rate, it will provide 50% in 2025. This would be around 2,000 modern 5-megawatt turbines per state.

Solar provides 1% of our electricity now, and is growing at over 50% per year. If we keep up that pace, it will produce the other 50% of our electricity by 2025.

Learn how wind, solar and other renewables will contribute to our global efforts to restore a healthy climate by 2035...



The Climate Roadmap is a tool that allows us to see that we can restore the climate quickly and save money in the process. It starts with the climate destination, and then helps us see the best existing routes that take us there.

The Climate Roadmap is designed to show us where we’re going and why, and then give us routes that will take us there, given what we know now.

Just like a road trip, we know that some of the information we have is mistaken, approximate or out of date, but by planning based on what’s possible now, we can get going and make adjustments while we’re flying down the road.